I got an estimate from Max Nottingham, the owner, in early 2018, but we had two other, more critical, home upgrades that happened and knocked pavers off the front burner. But, Max’s estimate had been so professional, had the right price for our budget, and had described every step of the process, IN WRITING, in such good detail that I simply called him in the sweltering heat of August 2020 and asked him to come back and review things with me.

When the scheduled date arrived, I knew immediately that my choice had been the right one (I hadn’t ever even looked at the Yelp reviews, believe it or not!). A small parade of “prep” workers, trucks, and demolition equipment rolled up and we were off! The old driveway was gone in a few hours, and the new one (approx. 765 sq. ft.) had begun with the proper depths of gravel and sand, and careful leveling. The paver layout was fairly quick, since I chose a “tailored,

traditional” sort of pattern.

They just finished and drove away a couple of hours ago (on Day 2), and the driveway is BEAUTIFUL! People are already stopping to ask about it. The paver pattern and colors shift as you move around the driveway, and the sun and shade play with the overall effect. I’ve been wanting a paver drive for YEARS, and I am a happy client.

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