Olsen Infinity Plank

Timber Top Infinity Plank pavers facilitate the creation of wood-like finish that is strikingly natural. While being available in a wide range of shapes, textures, and sizes, these pavers have an extensive array of installation patterns. Available Colors

Belgard Moduline Plank

Moduline Plank pavers are ideally suited for both residential and commercial applications. With clean lines, classic shapes, and varying heights, these pavers can give outdoor spaces a contemporary makeover. Available Color: Charcoal

Belgard Lafitt Grana Slab

With three large-scale paver units, the Lafitt® Grana pavers cover a wider area with fewer pieces. Cutting-edge strength and a smooth texture combine to give an elegant makeover to outdoor spaces. Available Colors

Belgard Catalina Slate

The tight-fitting Catalina Slate™ pavers combine the design flexibility of modular Catalina collection pavers while offering a textured slate finish. Varying sizes of pavers provide maximum flexibility in terms of laying patterns and designs. Available Color: Bella

Belgard Catalina Grana

The intriguing patterns and colors of Catalina interlocking pavers make them the obvious choice for giving walkways, patio, and pool decks a contemporary look. Available Colors

Angelus Paseo

The flat top 8×16, 16×24, 16×16, and 24×24 Paseo paver is the ideal choice for wide-ranging outdoor paving projects including backyard patios, entryway, pool decks, and BBQ areas. Available Colors

Angelus Aqualina

Angelus Aqualina Paver The base, paver joints, and bedding layer of the 100mm, 8-stone package of permeable Aqualina utilize varying sizes of rock to create permeable pavement. With clean lines, two widths and four lengths, Aqualina bring about a modular…

Angelus Courtyard Stone

Angelus Courtyard Paver Available in pleasing blended and solid colors, Courtyard stone pavers are ideal to bring-about a timeless, classic look on driveways, patio, pool deck or walkway. New additions to the collection include 4-stone and circle packages. Available Colors…