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Upgrade Your Home
with a Soil Retention Permeable Paving System

Would you like to expand your parking options without getting rid of your lawn? Or are you looking to stop your property from becoming a soggy mess during the rainy season? If so, then you need a Soil Retention permeable paving system installed wherever you want a sturdy, well-draining surface – and our team at Titan Pavers can help!

Soil Retention Permeable Paving System

How It Works

A Soil Retention permeable paving system features a high-tech grid of low moisture absorption concrete with holes for root penetration. The innovative design of the grid allows it to flex to the ground surface while offering immense structural support.

We can install the permeable paving grids anywhere you want a sturdy, well-draining surface. At that point, it’s already drivable and ready to use. To improve its aesthetics, we can plant whatever groundcover you want in the grooves and it will eventually grow over the entire surface, hiding the grid below.


Since permeable paving systems can replace all regular lawns, poured concrete surfaces, and asphalt, the sky is the limit in where you use it. This system is fantastic for residential applications along with stadium parking lots and other commercial venues. In addition, since it’s made from concrete, the grid performs equally well in all climates, including in extreme temperatures and conditions.

Why Choose Titan Pavers for Your Permeable Paving System Installation

When you choose Titan Pavers to design and install your Soil Retention permeable paving system, you’ll enjoy a stress-free process from beginning to end. We offer a free estimate and basic design to help you find your perfect solution and work the project into your budget. Once you start the project, you can count on us to only use the highest-quality materials and techniques while making safety a top priority. Ready to get started? Just give us a call at 818-459-9399 or fill out our online form to get your free estimate on our schedule.

Key Benefits

Permeable paving systems are unlike any other concrete driveway solution due to their strength, flexibility, and ability to support healthy plant growth. As you drive over the surface, the grid will keep the surface completely flat and prevent your vehicle from compacting the plants’ roots. The plants will help with drainage as well to prevent flooding and sinkage with heavy rains.

Other benefits include:

  • Versatile: Installs virtually anywhere you want, like in the backyard, driveway, or parking lots
  • Plant-Friendly: Allows plants to create a strong, healthy root system beneath the surface
  • Excellent Drainage: Reduces the need for other solutions, like storm drains and detention basins
  • Heat Island Effect: Boosts the green space to help keep temperatures lower in urban areas
  • Infill Options: Opens the doors to many lawn and groundcover options, including clover

Beyond all that, as you drive over the Soil Retention permeable paving system, the grid flexes a bit to prevent breakage, and then goes right back into its original position. You also do not have any sharp edges to worry about as you maneuver over the surface.

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