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As one of the top rated paver installation companies, we have successfully crafted multiple paver outdoor kitchens and have a deep understanding of what it takes to craft durable, resilient and aesthetic space for the outdoor living areas.

Why concrete pavers
Why Titan Pavers
Our process
Why concrete pavers

There are a number of different materials that you will be able to choose from, including brick, poured concrete, and, of course, concrete paving stones. While each of these materials has its own set of advantages and drawbacks, there are a number of noteworthy reasons why homeowners often choose pavers for their hardscaping projects. If you are on the fence about which material is best for your next outdoor project, consider these benefits of choosing concrete pavers:

  • Durability – Concrete pavers are incredibly durable and can withstand large amounts of weight without cracking. This makes them an ideal choice for fire pits as well as any other application where durability is a concern.
  • Ease of replacement – In the event that a paving stone in your paver outdoor kitchen does become damaged, all you will need to do is replace the single damaged paver. This, of course, is much easier and less expensive than having to repour concrete when a concrete construction becomes cracked or damaged.
  • Longevity – With the proper care, concrete pavers will continue looking great many years after they are installed. If you would like your investment to last as long as possible, paving stones are an ideal choice.
  • Ease of cleaning – Paving stones that are sealed using a paver sealer are completely resistant to stains. In the event that you do spill something on your concrete pavers, they can be cleaned in a matter of minutes using only soap and water.
  • A wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from – If you decide to build your next outdoor construction using concrete pavers, the design you create is really only limited by your imagination. Concrete paving stones come in a wide range of colors, materials, sizes, and textures, making it easy for you to come up with a unique and attractive design that is all your own. Even better, they can be installed in an equally wide range of patterns – from simple and straightforward patterns to complex patterns that are made using paving stones of various sizes. Compared to concrete – which offers only limited room for creative designs – concrete pavers enable you to create an outdoor construction that is truly unique and eye-catching.
Why Titan Pavers

When you choose us as your Los Angeles paving contractor, you get the top advantages of:

  • Superior workmanship and installation
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Top quality paving materials
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Unmatched expertise and decades of experience
  • Courtesy and professionalism
Our process

As a paver installation company, we have successfully crafted multiple paver outdoor kitchens and have a deep understanding of what it takes to craft durable, resilient and aesthetic space for the outdoor living areas. With an eye for microscopic details, our team of paving experts work with you at every step of the way to bring your outdoor kitchen dreams to life while following a specific process:

  • An initial consultation where detailed discussions are held to thoroughly understand your specific preferences.
  • Our experts assess the outdoor space while they determine the seating spaces, type of appliances and storage spaces you need.
  • They then consider the design of your home and the existing landscape pavers to come up with the best paving solutions.
  • We then provide various paving stone options to complement your indoor spaces as well as the outdoor landscaping elements.


Titan Pavers has partnered with Hearth to connect homeowners with financing options that:

  • * Offer 3-7 year repayment periods
  • * Typically have lower rates than credit cards
  • * Require zero equity

Pre-qualification application is quick, easy, and doesn’t impact your credit score.


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Jim R.
Mike Paver Walkway Client Review
Mike P.
We had an AMAZING experience with Titan Pavers. We've had several large projects done to our house, and this experience by far was the best!! We dealt with Max and he was super easy to work with and the price was very reasonable. He was very professional, accommodating, easy to work with and up front about everything. There were no surprises and the contract was sent and signed online, which is very convenient. Max checked in with us daily and stopped by almost daily to see the progress and address any questions or concerns we had throughout the two week project. If we called or texted him, he responded back right away. Anything he didn't like or thought needed to be changed, he was on it. Any issues we brought to his attention, he dealt with immediately. The communication was excellent. The crew worked six days a week and 10+ hours a day, which in our experience dealing with contractors, is unheard of. His workers were very clean, hard working and meticulous. The job was completed on time and Max was gracious enough to give us extra pavers, sand, cleaning product for the pavers, and other items. Our experience was an all around excellent experience and we would give Titan Pavers ten stars if we could. We would recommend Titan Pavers to anyone. The project turned out great and gave our house a whole new look. We have received nothing but good compliments about our project.

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Why Titan Pavers
  • Superior workmanship, years of experience, and unmatched expertise give us a clear competitive edge.
  • We have built a reputation over the years as the most trusted driveway paving contractor Los Angeles has with an intense focus on quality.
  • We are renowned for our paver driveways that are synonymous with high standards, uniformity, and durability. Our driveways last a lifetime while enhancing the look of your home!

Our team of experts can work with any material – be it concrete interlocking pavers or natural paving stones - to create an attractive driveway. We follow best practices in driveway paving set by Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute while crafting pleasing and highly durable paver driveways.

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