Pool Deck Paving | Ventura Blvd, Studio City

Pool Deck Paving | Ventura Blvd, Studio City

Pool Deck Paving | Ventura Blvd, Studio City

A pool deck that charms with its understated beauty and belongs to prime property in Studio City.
Brings beach vibes to the hotel and offers a great excuse to spend more time outdoors!

• Angelus Courtyard pavers
• Adobe copper mocha color
• Laid in an ashlar pattern
• Contemporary, no-fuss style

Project Specifications

Courtyard stone pavers from Angelus are perfect to create a timeless look. The Adobe Copper Mocha hue complements the pool water and harmonizes seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The color is neither too light or dark, creating a refined paver face that catches the eye without seeming over the top. Angelus Courtyard Pavers are available in blended and solid colors to satisfy different style ideas for pools, driveways, patios and walkaways.

The ashlar paver pattern also enhances the upscale feel of the deck. Ashlar patterns have emerged in popularity for the contemporary look they impart to residential hardscapes. Moreover, their repeating laying pattern prevents pavers from shifting and ensures ease of installation. This is why they are generally recommended for high traffic areas. If you need pavers that stand up well to pressure and seasonal weather changes, this Angelus product should satisfy you.