Contributing to the luxurious feel of Beverly Hills are Melville Planks, top-quality residential pavers from Belgard.

The paver faces have a clean look, smooth texture and distinct edges that lend a modern flair to a classic design. The lean appearance of the pavers also adds to the contemporary feel. If you’re considering pool pavers that look sleek and minimalist while still having a look of affluence about them, Melville Planks won’t disappoint. They’re also a great option if you want to add accents or borders to paver patterns.

Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones

Belgard Melville Plank

Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones

A Mix of Foundry, Victorian and Graphite

Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones

Laid in the herringbone 45 pattern

Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones

Contemporary, high-end style

As far as colors go, the combination of foundry, Victorian and graphite hues exude elegance in spades. They accentuate the beauty of the pool area in a subtle and effective way.

The pavers are laid in a herringbone pattern set at a 45-degree angle. It offers the best interlock to prevent pavers from shifting, and is most useful in high-traffic areas. This classic pattern complements the dynamic feel of the Melville Planks, ensuring beauty, utility and luxury.

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