Driveway Paving Stone Project | Palos Verdes, California

Driveway Paving Stone Project | Palos Verdes, California


Driveway Heartland Pavers | Palos Verdes, California

A high-end driveway and complementing step-path layout in the Ashlar pattern using intricate Heartland concrete paver stones from Angelus.

• Angelus Heartland Paver Stones
• Gray Moss Charcoal Color Choice
• Laid in the Ashlar Pattern
• An Intricate Design with a Traditional Feel

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Boasting a sizable driveway, a step, and versatile dimensions, this property in Palos Verdes really had a lot of ground to cover, and we were up for the challenge! The exterior of the home and garage at this address offered a Mediterranean / traditional design persona, so the property owner needed a versatile paver stone layout to match. The Heartland paver stones from Angelus proved to be an awesome choice thanks to its versatility and intricate, four-part pattern.

Heartland concrete paver stones have four integrated joints to create a stone that appears to have four parts. The textured faces and wide joints add a certain element of textural appeal reminiscent of antiquated design elements. The homeowner opted for the combination gray-moss-charcoal color collaboration, which yields a collection of multiple shades that can fit right into a natural landscape. The outer-perimeter borders along the driveway and step to the porch were a dark slate gray hue, which tied together the full design.

With a sloped driveway, a bordering retaining wall, and an integrated step platform near the garage opening, we needed a layout for the paver stones that could flow seamlessly in each area. The intricate layout gave the property an entirely new personality and level of luxury appeal. The property owner was elated with the end result, and we can definitely understand why.