A luxury-level layout with an Old-World design using a combination of high-end paver stones from Belgard. In an effort to create a more effectively designed driveway, we worked with this property owner to choose the best paver stone collaborations and layout. The end choice was a combination of Belgard Catalina Grana paver stones for the primary driveway surface and Belgium Cobble pavers for a highlighting frame. This particular driveway is an excellent example of how combining paver stone types of distinct colors can create the most impressive finish without compromising functionality.

Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones

Belgard Catalina Grana and Belgium Cobble Paver Stones

Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones

Victorian and Dark Charcoal

Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones

Laid in the Ashlar Pattern

Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones

Contemporary-Meets-Traditional Overall Style

The Catalina Grana stones are a prime choice for driveways with their clean, low-textured faces. When installed in the Ashlar pattern, Catalina Grana pavers always boast this modern flair with just a touch of affluent personality. The Victorian color scale really highlights that personality with tones of gray, beige, and earthen brown. However, the integration of the Belgium Cobble stones in dark charcoal really brought in that sense of traditionalism in the design.

With a distinct geometric pattern made possible by the clean lines of the Catalina Grana pavers, the Ashlar paver stone layout lends a contemporary air. Yet, the addition of the Belgium Cobble frame around the driveway really injects that secondary traditional feel, especially with the color choice and randomized layout pattern of the stones.

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Jim R.
Dwain T
Just got my driveway done by Brad at Titan Pavers, and couldn't be happier. Job was beautiful, and about two grand cheaper than the next lowest bid! The professionalism was extraordinary, with knowledgeable recommendations on a tree root issue. [expand title="Read More"] Great product recommendations, great crew showed up, got it done on time, under budget, no extra charges, no complaints from me, and a fantastic finished product. I'm very happy. Would highly recommend them for your home project. [/expand]
Jeff Paver Driveway Testimonial
Jeff G.
I hired Titan Pavers (Max) to demo my old driveway and patio and install 2300sf of new Belgard pavers (Bella color, Catalina style). Max offered a competitive bid and his crew showed up on time when scheduled and did a fantastic job getting the lot leveled properly for drainage and my new driveway gate, when the original lot was all sloped incorrectly. The project was a 1 week job, but was delayed several times due to rain, but each time the guys were out working when they were supposed to be and got it done. My wife and I are happy clients. Thanks Max!

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