Driveway Paver Project | Chatsworth, California

An antique paver stone style with earthen colors and layout using cobble pavers from the Angelus Paving Stones Heritage collection. 

• Angelus Antique Cobble I & II Paver Stones
• Gray Moss Charcoal Color Choice
• Installed in the "I" Pattern 
• Old-World Antique Style with Modern Flair 

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To highlight the traditional personality of the property in Chatsworth, we worked directly with the homeowner to come up with the most complementary driveway design. From the many good choices of paver stones we could've gone with here, the Angelus Antique Cobble I and II really stood out as an excellent option. These luxury-level stones hail from the Angelus Heritage Collection, which offers a number of more traditional options.

This particular driveway did pose a few unique challenges. One, the driveway and parking areas were quite expansive in size. Therefore, we needed a nice, mid-sized paver stone to maintain uniformity throughout the layout. Secondly, larger driveways tend to need some level of runoff control. The combination of the square sections of stones and lining aggregate between allowed for permeability and really added an extra level of style to the overall layout. 

The state-of-the-art design elements of the Antique Cobble really turned out great here. These stones have a slightly rounded bread-loaf top that works out really well when installed in the general "I" pattern. The contrasting borders in a light gray highlighted the gray-moss-charcoal color choice of the primary pavers. We were especially pleased with the simplicity of this design and how it really gave the property a new personality—and the property owner felt the same!