Pavers vs Concrete vs Flagstone vs Brick

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Pavers vs Concrete vs Flagstone vs Brick: Which is the Best Choice for Your Paving Project?

If you are deciding to move forward with a paving project such as a new patio, walkway, or driveway, there are several options to choose from regarding the materials you have available to use. In this article, we’ll take a look at pavers vs concrete vs flagstone vs brick in order to help you decide which one is the best choice for your paving project.

Material Pros Cons
  • affordable
  • easy to install
  • not durable
  • prone to staining and cracking
  • durable
  • easy to install/ repair
  • come in wide range of options
  • more expensive than concrete
  • very attractive
  • extremely durable
  • hard to install
  • expensive
  • durable
  • stain resistant
  • expensive
  • prone to cracking

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Which Should You Choose?

With pavers and poured concrete being the two most popular paving materials, the choice for most homeowners will come down to these two options. If affordability is your primary concern, then poured concrete is the choice most likely to save you money – at least in the short-term. Pavers, however, are more durable, more attractive, and give you a great many more options as to how your finished project will look thanks to the wide variety of styles that they come in.


Paver DrivewayPavers are quickly becoming the most popular paving material for projects such as pool decks, patios, driveways and more for a number of key reasons. To start, pavers are incredibly durable and also easy to repair since repairing a paver construction often means only replacing a single damaged paver as opposed to having to pour fresh concrete. Pavers also come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles and are relatively easy to install – although pavers are a little more expensive than poured concrete.


Flagstone PavementFlagstones are made out of natural stone and are not cut to specific, symmetrical shapes like pavers are. With this being the case, installing a flagstone construction is always a custom job that requires a high degree of skill, making flagstone one of the more expensive options available. With that said, though, flagstones are incredibly durable and attractive and can make for a beautiful addition to any landscape so long as you don’t mind the additional cost and installation time.


Brick offers a number of noteworthy advantages when it comes to building a paver construction, from its timeless style to its stain-resistance to its longevity. However, there are a couple of key drawbacks to using brick as well, with the biggest disadvantage being the fact that brick is more expensive than pavers and poured concrete. Brick is also more prone to cracking under heavy weight and is therefore less suitable for driveways or walkways that receive a heavy amount of traffic.


Concrete DrivewayPoured concrete is the most affordable and easiest to install of the four most common paving materials. However, concrete also comes with several key drawbacks that are important to consider as well.

For one, concrete isn’t nearly as durable as pavers and is prone to cracking over time. In fact, pavers are rated to be upwards of four times stronger than the typical concrete slab. While concrete slabs are relatively easy to maintain, they are prone to staining since poured concrete is a very porous material.

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Max and his team finished the project in one day. I was pretty amazed at how fast they finished the pavers for our front yard. Most importantly they look amazing and I can't wait to buy furniture so that we can start using it.
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I first contacted Max last month for an estimate. Max was punctual, honest, and was upfront about everything. He even took the time to drop by and gave me samples to look at. After a whole month of waiting due to our HOA, Max gave me a date and a window period. I am happy that I went with Titan Pavers and would recommend them to my family and friends.

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