Angelus Antique Cobble Paver Driveway

When aesthetics and durability are a top priority, choose concrete pavers

A lot of homeowners tend to be quite experimental with things when they are undertaking a paver installation project. Some of them may get rewards for their efforts, while others may land up with disastrous results. You may be one of them.

Nonetheless,these events can be avoided if you know how to work with concrete pavers. Acquiring sufficient knowledge of paver types and installation process can ensure the success of your paving project. Here are a few
frequently asked questions by homeowners:

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  • Superior workmanship, years of experience, and unmatched expertise give us a clear competitive edge.
  • We have built a reputation over the years as the most trusted driveway paving contractor Los Angeles has with an intense focus on quality.
  • We are renowned for our paver driveways that are synonymous with high standards, uniformity, and durability. Our driveways last a lifetime while enhancing the look of your home!

Our team of experts can work with any material – be it concrete interlocking pavers or natural paving stones - to create an attractive driveway. We follow best practices in driveway paving set by Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute while crafting pleasing and highly durable paver driveways.


How do pavers compare with “stamped” concrete?

Stamped concrete pavements are merely large sections of poured-in-place concrete that have been embossed with a design. Therefore, they are prone to the same problem freeze/thaw cycles (ie. cracking and spalling), lower strengths and higher absorption rates as poured-in-place concrete. Pavers permit a flexible, breathable surface, working with nature. In addition, stamped concrete requires expansion joints every 10 feet or so, which can be very distracting. Also, patterned concrete pavements don’t allow access to underground utilities or the ability to make repairs. At practically the same price per square foot installed, pavers are clearly the better choice.

Will the colors fade from the pavers?

Pavers are made with the highest quality pigment and have color completely throughout each unit. However, the extreme effects of the sun and elements work against all building materials. Over the years, it is possible to see the colors mellow as they age.

Should I seal my project?

Pavers are manufactured to be durable. Therefore, the use of a protective sealant is optional and a matter of personal preference. A sealant will make stain removal easier, might minimize weed germination in the joint sand and can enhance colors. Sealers, however, are a topically applied product and must be reapplied every 3 to 5 years. Sealing pavers may make pavement slippery when wet. Before sealing, the installation must be thoroughly cleaned and completely dry. Be sure to use sealers specifically for concrete pavers. More intense use of the pavers and extreme climates often increases the frequency for re-applying a coat of sealer.

What about stains on my installation or any areas that may become damaged?

Stains can be removed with appropriate cleaning products. However, should a severe stain or severe damage occur, pavers may be individually replaced.

Can I install pavers over an existing concrete walkway or patio?

While this is not the preferred or recommended method, your installation can be laid over the top of existing concrete walkways, providing there is not substantial heaving in the existing area. Several other issues need to be addressed. First, the grade will need to be raised by about 3″-5’’ (the thickness of the bricks plus bedding sand or bonding agent). This is particularly critical if any doorways are involved. Second, remember that if the existing concrete slab should raise or drop with freeze/thaw conditions, the bricks will do the same.

Pavement Doesn't Have to Hurt the Environment

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