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How Much Does It Cost to Install Pavers?

If you’re thinking about installing pavers for your home’s landscape, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. Because every landscape is unique, using a simple square footage estimate rarely ends up being accurate when the job is complete. Early in the planning stages, some generalized figures can be used but there are a number of factors aside from material costs that must be considered. In this article we’ll discuss what goes into determining the cost of a paver installation project.

What determines the cost of installation

Contractors sell labor hours as a general rule. A reputable paver installer will charge customers the same price for materials as they pay. This means customers should get the wholesale price for the materials. What ultimately determines the cost of a paver installation project is the conditions and complexity of the project.

What determines the cost of installation

  • Project Type
  • Conditions

Project Type

A square patio composed of square pavers is the simplest kind of project with the lowest installation costs. A curvilinear patio with an elaborate pattern of varying colors on the other hand is going to take more time and cost more.


You need to consider the current condition of the area where you’re planning your paver project. What is there now? If it’s just lawn, or bare dirt, it won’t cost as much as an area that has structures that need to be removed.

Perfect Conditions

  • Large, flat and accessible areas that are an easy demolition.
  • Materials used are all the same size and color.
  • Few cuts will be required, and pavers are restrained by existing structures like walls or the sidewalk.

Difficult Conditions

  • Poor accessibility where demolition has to be carried out by hand, and all pavers brought in by hand.
  • Hard demolition like concrete with rebar, and no room available for heavy machines.
  • Different sizes of stones and colors with lots of cutting.
  • The need for new restraints and steps installation.

Edge Conditions

Although mentioned above, it’s worth expanding upon. The outer edges of pavers will move or settle over time unless there is a good strategy for keeping them in place. Invisible support structures can be used and covered with soil or lawn. Anchor pavers can be used at the edges in some cases. A more expensive but effective choice is pouring a concrete strip. Each choice will add a different level of cost to the project in terms of materials and labor.

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