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How We Install Concrete Pavers

Because installing a complete paver system properly is a complex process, we have developed a step by step system to ensure that they go in right the first time, with no unexpected surprises down the road. Here at Titan Pavers, we know that too many paver installers cut corners, leading to preventable problems that only develop years later – long after they have declared the job a success. That’s why our core values include strict adherence to best practices and industry standards. Our mission is to build the paver outdoor space you want in a way that will last for many years.

Our Process

Step 1: Design Planning

Our project planners will work closely with you to ensure that your paver installation delivers the type of result you want with the performance you expect.

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Step 2: Site Inspection & Locating Utilities

Before the demolition and excavation can begin, we will locate utility lines or other assets in the earth where your installation is meant to be done. We use Dig Alert and work with state and local authorities to ensure the build will be both safe and legal. As an additional precaution, our pre-site inspection team will survey the location for any potential dangers. We will then report to you and site management before we begin.

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Step 3: Demolition & Excavation

Using heavy-duty machinery when necessary, we will level the site using industry-standard tools and techniques. We will then use an excavator to dig seven to nine inches from the final grade.

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Step 4: Grading

We will then add grading soil to allow for proper drainage after the paver is complete, or to remove soil for the same effect.

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Step 5: Interior Compacting

Industrial grade compactors will then be used to eliminate any air gaps in the soil to avoid instability of the final product.

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Step 6: Optional GeoTextile Fabric

In locations with problems such as a high water table, a GeoTextile fabric sub-base is recommended for added stability. This is optional when installing pavers, but will add to the stability and longevity of any paver, and is usually recommended for concrete pavers.

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Step 7: Base Compacting

After installing the optional GeoTextile, we will compact the bed a second time in accordance with the 95% ratio recommended by the ICPI.

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Step 8: Layering

At this point specialized sand will be layered in, followed by pavers, borders, and beams.

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Step 9: Beams & Borders

Concrete borders will then be installed to contain the build. Concrete beams will be poured and installed at key structural locations within the build for added stability.

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Step 10: Polymeric Sand

High tech polymeric sand is then used to fill in any joints to stabilize the installation of interlocking pavers.

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Step 11: Paving Stone Compacting

After setting the top paver stone in place, using a plate compactor, we will then press the paver stone securely into position.

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Step 12: Activation of Polymeric Sand and Optional Sealant Application

Once the top stone is in place and compressed, we will activate the polymeric sand (a high-tech mix of graded sand and binder) and clean the surface of the paver stone.
At this point, you have the option of having a sealer applied to the paver, which will help prevent water from seeping into the build.

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Our Customers Love Us

Jim R.
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Natalie H.
We had no idea what it was going to cost to replace our large driveway with pavers so we did a lot of research. Out of 5 contractors we spoke to, we knew we liked Max right away. He was knowledgable and straightforward when we met in person and he checked out the job. His estimate reflected the same experience and and transparency. Max, Manny, Juan, and their team were all fantastic to work with. They were super attentive to any question I had and made a point to check in with me at least once a day during the project. I will definitely call them for my next project.
Jeff Paver Driveway Testimonial
Jeff G.
I hired Titan Pavers (Max) to demo my old driveway and patio and install 2300sf of new Belgard pavers (Bella color, Catalina style). Max offered a competitive bid and his crew showed up on time when scheduled and did a fantastic job getting the lot leveled properly for drainage and my new driveway gate, when the original lot was all sloped incorrectly. The project was a 1 week job, but was delayed several times due to rain, but each time the guys were out working when they were supposed to be and got it done. My wife and I are happy clients. Thanks Max!

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