Patio Pavers: Your Ultimate Guide

Patio Pavers: Your Ultimate Guide

Q: What are the Best Pavers to use for a Patio?

A: When it comes time to select the pavers that your patio installers will use to construct your new patio, you will have several different options to choose from. Concrete patio pavers are always a popular choice and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. In addition to concrete pavers, brick pavers are another excellent choice for an elegant yet durable paver patio.

Q: Which is Better: Concrete Patio or Paver Patio?

A: While paver patios and concrete patios both come with their own unique set of benefits, a paver patio offers a number of advantages over a concrete patio that warrant consideration. To start, pavers are more durable than concrete and are less likely to crack or break over time. Paver patios are also arguably more aesthetically appealing than concrete patios and enable you to choose from a wide range of surface finishes and designs.

Q: Do I have to Have My Patio Installers Install a Patio Border ?

A: If you would like to keep the pavers that make up your patio from shifting or moving over time, it is important to have your patio installers install a patio border made of patio paver edging. Paver patio edging will work to lock the pavers that make up your patio in place and keep your patio from moving.

Q: How Much Does a Paver Patio Add to Home Value?

A: According to the 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, 98% of homeowners and buyers said that a patio was a desirable feature for a home to have. While it is difficult to say just how much installing a paver patio outside your home will increase the home’s value, the desirability of paver patios alone is enough to ensure an ample return on your investment should you ever decide to sell your home.

Q: How to Clean Patio Pavers?

A: One of the best things about patio pavers is the fact that they are incredibly easy to keep clean. All you need to clean dirt and other debris from your patio pavers is a water hose, some dish soap, and a broom with stiff bristles. Spray the pavers to wash away any large clumps of debris then apply a soap and water solution to them and scrub them with a stiff-bristled broom to remove dirt that is ingrained into the surface of the pavers. 

Q: How to Remove Rust or Oil Stains from Patio Pavers?

A: Patio pavers are made to be highly stain resistant. With that said, though, patio pavers can be stained by things such as rust and oil if they are left unprotected. By far, the best investment that you can make for your paver patio is sealing your patio pavers with a high-quality paver sealant. Sealing patio pavers will work to protect the surface of the pavers and prevent them from being stained. Get in contact with our paver patio installers at (818) 459-9399 to learn more about paver sealing! If your patio pavers have already been stained by rust or oil, though, liquid soap or laundry detergent can be used to remove most stains.