Landscape Pavers Installation

Landscape paving is an important investment that you make, which is why choosing the best in the business can ensure you get numerous benefits. As the preferred landscape paver contractor in Los Angeles area, we pay meticulous attention to every minute detail in landscaping. Our process of installation incorporates all of these elements:

• Ensuring the right sloping for water drainage
• Compacting foundation layer to prevent sinking and weeds growth
• Assessing and compacting subsoil before base materials are laid
• Using the right techniques to fill spaces in between pavers
• Paying attention to edging and finishing

Choose the Best Landscape Paver Contractor

One of the most critical elements of landscape paving relates to choosing the right materials. When you have decided to choose Titan Pavers – one of the leading landscape paver contractors in Los Angeles area, you get the advantage of a free consultation and estimate.

We have a rich experience of working with an extensive range of landscape pavers, and our team of experts can suggest the perfect material for your outdoor space based on functionality, budget, décor, design, color, and size factors.

We Offer Extensive Landscape Paving Options

Our repertoire of paving materials includes:

Concrete: As a budget-friendly option, concrete is low on maintenance while being easy to install. Available in different textures, patterns and colors and finishes, we can guide you on choosing the right ones for your landscape. Precast concrete pavers come in wide-ranging textures, colors, sizes, and shapes while modular permeable concrete can soak up water making them ideal for pathways and gardens.

Precast paving: Interlocking pavers provide an amazing visual appeal while being easy to install and maintain. These pavers are highly durable and strong, making them ideal for landscaping.

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