Angelus Pavers Installation

Exquisitely crafted pavers patio or pavers driveway are every homeowner’s dream. Given their superior quality and availability of an extensive range of textures, colors, and patterns, Angelus pavers are highly coveted across California. If you are looking for the most reliable Angels pavers installation experts, consulting us at Titan Pavers is the first step. With decades of experience in the industry, we specialize in Angelus pavers installation.

Why Choose Us as Angelus Pavers Installation Specialists?

When it comes to beautifying your patio, driveway, pool deck or outdoor kitchen with Angelus pavers, the first step is to choose the right pavers. This is easier said than done, given the myriad of colors, patterns, combinations, and textures available with Angelus pavers.

Angelus pavers are known for their superior quality, durability, and strength while being available in wide-ranging patterns and colors. While the standard paving stones collection has multiple size options that include 6 x 6, 12 x 12, 6 x 12, and 8 x 8, the patterns range from Antique Cobble, Aqualina, Courtyard Stone, Holland, Pavilion, Paseo, Serpentine, Slate to Timberline. Within each of these paver types, there are multiple options in terms of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

Apart from choosing from runner, stack, herringbone, random Ashlar or circular patterns, the other choices homeowners need to make relates to the type of pavers, color, and texture. The wide range of selections available with Angelus pavers can be overwhelming without expert guidance from experienced paver installers.

Best Practices in Angelus Pavers Installation

Choosing the most experienced Angelus pavers installation specialists is crucial when implementing unique landscape designs as the slightest mistake can bring on disastrous results. An incorrectly installed paved patio or driveway can lead to drainage issues with uneven settling which can ultimately compromise the foundation of your home.

At Titan Pavers, we can provide in-depth guidance on choosing the right paver types from permeable to interlocking pavers, patterns, colors, and textures for each of your outdoor spaces. With a streamlined process of installation, we use the most modern tools and techniques to ensure your outdoor spaces look radiant and pleasing when adorned with Angelus pavers. While we are fully licensed and insured, we provide the most transparent quotes that give you optimum return on investment.

High-Quality Pavers from Angelus

Since its inception in 1946, California-based Angelus has established itself as the leading name with respect to permeable pavers, interlocking concrete pavers, planter wall units, and concrete masonry. As the most trusted brand in the U.S., Angelus is synonymous with high-quality manufacturing and delivery of paving stones and concrete blocks.

The family-owned and privately held business has expanded over the years to become a company with the greatest production capacity. The use of robotics, cutting-edge manufacturing technology along with adherence to guiding ethics and principles have ensured Angeles products are in high demand across Southern California.

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