Angelus Antique Cobble

As a popular choice among pavers, the Angelus Antique paver is a medium-sized, all-purpose paver. With a ‘bread-loaf” type surface and rounded chamfer, the Angelus Antique can bring back the charm of vintage cobblestones. Available Colors Solid Blended Tumbled Tumbled…

Angelus Slate Stone

Angelus Slate pavers come with distressed chamfer edges, refined grains, and an embossed top feature that help beautify outdoor areas. Available Colors

Angelus Estate Cobble

Angelus Estate Cobble The Estate Cobble pavers have non-transitional edges and a tumbled appearance, which helps provide a rich, rustic look to outdoor spaces. Available Colors Projects with Angelus Estate Cobble Pavers

Angelus Slaton Random

The Slaton™ Random is a low-maintenance paver that is best suited for pool decks, walkways, driveways, and patios. While it resembles the natural flagstone, the paver can be efficiently installed thanks to the smooth underside. Available Colors

Angelus Pavilion

As a large format paver just like Paseo, the Pavilion is ideally suited for pool decks and patios. Resembling the natural flagstone on the surface, the Pavilion offers the advantage of manufactured high-strength concrete. Available Colors

Angelus Paseo

The flat top 8×16, 16×24, 16×16, and 24×24 Paseo paver is the ideal choice for wide-ranging outdoor paving projects including backyard patios, entryway, pool decks, and BBQ areas. Available Colors

Angelus Aqualina

Angelus Aqualina Paver The base, paver joints, and bedding layer of the 100mm, 8-stone package of permeable Aqualina utilize varying sizes of rock to create permeable pavement. With clean lines, two widths and four lengths, Aqualina bring about a modular…

Angelus Heartland

Heartland pavers have a versatile and unique texture on the surface which makes them resemble naturally cut slate. As a single-sized system, the Heartland paver has four distinct slate patterns that provide a 13-piece random system. Available Colors

Angelus Castle Cobble

Resembling the texture of natural cobblestone, Castle Cobble is the ideal paver material for creating an old-world ambiance. With no transitional edges, the Castle Cobble stones can be bridged with 1/16-inch or 1/8-inch sand grains. Available Colors

Angelus Courtyard Stone

Angelus Courtyard Paver Available in pleasing blended and solid colors, Courtyard stone pavers are ideal to bring-about a timeless, classic look on driveways, patio, pool deck or walkway. New additions to the collection include 4-stone and circle packages. Available Colors…