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Paver Patio

Cost to Install Paver Patio

Superior aesthetics, ease of maintenance and durability are a few of the reasons why paver patios are popular among homeowners. But there are other variables that homeowners should weigh when doing any type of home improvement project, and one of…

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas 1. Make a Bold Statement with Your Driveway   Make your driveway the rolled-out carpet to your home with complementary paver stones, such as this look with grey-scale Dublin Cobble paver stones from Belgard.  2. Create a…
Poolside Patio

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Creative Paver Patio Ideas for Your Los Angeles Home

Many Los Angeles homeowners enjoy the look and feel of these interlocking paving stones for patios. The fact that they work well with most house styles and designs, combined with their ultra-durability and affordability, means they are a smart investment that will last many years.

A paver patio not only adds curb appeal and an upscale feel to your property – it also brings a variety of additional benefits.

Benefits of a Paver Patio

  • Pavers are stronger and more durable than wood decking
  • Paver patios endure ground shift as well as typical weather-related expansion
  • The value of your home increases with the installation of a paver patio
  • Patio pavers are easier to install than other patio options
  • There are a wide variety of designs, colors, and styles of pavers to choose from
  • Paver patios are highly customizable
  • Installing a paver patio reduces yard maintenance demands
  • Paver patios have a non-slip surface so they are safer than outdoor flooring and decks

Outdoor Design Trends and Paver Ideas  

No matter what design trend you desire – from traditional to contemporary – it can be created with the unique paver designs in a variety of different colors to match your preference.

Some of the most popular paver patio trends include designs using these creative styles of patio pavers. The style and design for your new patio is limited only by your imagination.

Latest Trends and Patio Paver Ideas for Your LA Home

  • Natural Stone Textures
  • Large Scale Paver Shapes
  • Entangled Patterns with Landscape
  • Natural Colors
  • Pavers with Borders
  • Pavers with Patterns or Stripes

Titan Pavers – The Best Patio Paver Professionals in Los Angeles  

When it comes to choosing the best paver patio design for your home, savvy homeowners let the professionals lead the way. There are so many unique designs, styles, and colors of concrete patio pavers to choose from – it can be a bit overwhelming.

When only the best will do, homeowners in Los Angeles count on Titan Pavers for professional patio paver installation and design. As one of the top rated paving contractors in Loa Angeles area, we offer limitless patterns, colors, designs, and shapes of patio pavers to choose from and can assist you with paver patio ideas and selecting the perfect combination of styles for your home.

Titan Pavers has perfected the best practices in the installation of paved patios and are experts when it comes to any type of patio paving. Contact us today for a free quote on your new paver patio for your Los Angeles home.

What is a Paver Patio?

Traditional patio materials like poured concrete lack visual attraction and do not offer the high-end look and feel of paver patios. The individual pavers used to create these popular patios give a custom look and high-end feel to your outdoor space and adds a special ambiance you and your guests will appreciate. Many LA homeowners choose paver patios because not only they create a visually stunning alternative for your home, but the variety of different colors, textures, and patterns let homeowners choose a truly custom look they won’t see at other homes.