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Artificial Turf for your home and business

Why bother spending your limited time, money and effort treating, mowing and trimming grass when a permanent replacement is available in the form of artificial grass also known as artificial turf? Artificial turf looks like real grass, requires minimal maintenance and stands the test of time. However, you might be wondering what is under artificial turf and if artificial turf nails are necessary. Let’s take a quick look at the merits of synthetic turf and explain how artificial grass installation is performed.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass on Your Property

Ease of maintenance
Saving money
A wide range of options
Ease of maintenance

Maintaining and growing grass takes time, effort and money. Between fertilizing, lawn mowing, trimming the hedges, watering and beyond, it seems like there is always something to do to maintain grass to keep it looking beautiful. This is precisely why more and more Los Angeles homeowners are turning to artificial turf for their property. Give artificial turf a try and you will find it really does look similar to real grass. Opt for artificial turf and you will no longer have to mow your lawn, water it or trim the hedges. Rather, the artificial turf will take the place of the grass, look amazing and hold strong throughout the entirety of the year.

Saving money

Take the artificial route and you will find your monthly water bill decreases. Furthermore, you will have that much more time on your hands after installing turf now that you don’t have to worry about watering, mowing, trimming, and growing new grass.


Another benefit of artificial grass is the fact that it looks fantastic. You will be quite proud of your property’ aesthetic after beautiful new artificial grass is installed. People will walk by your home and have no idea your lawn consists of artificial grass. There won’t be any need to worry about watering or mowing it, ultimately liberating you to take trips out of town for work and vacation. The icing on the cake is the fact that pet owners love artificial grass. It is sanitary, requires minimal maintenance and is completely safe for your furry friend as well as your kids.

A wide range of options

We are proud to provide several different types of artificial turf for Los Angeles homes and businesses.

  • We can install super cool Tiger Turf artificial grass at your property.
  • If you prefer that your artificial turf be installed in a customized manner such as a diamond shape, we will add it exactly as you desire. Additional options include 98 oz, 96 oz artificial turf and 72 0z artificial turf, each of which is perfect for spaces next to walkways, driveways, and porches.

We can even install artificial turf for a putting green in your backyard, at your country club course or other golf course.

Artificial Turf Installation
Step by Step

Step 1: Pre-Demolition

The location of utilities ranging from water pipes to gas lines and electrical will have to be identified prior to demolition starting. Even the location of the sprinklers must be identified to prevent problems down the line. If desired, we will cap the sprinkler system for potential use down the line. Alternatively, our artificial grass installation team can remove the sprinkler system as your artificial turf will not require hydration.

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Step 2: Demolition

If necessary, we will use construction equipment to demolish the current surface, be it soft-scape or hard-scape. If our machines cannot access the area in question, additional demolition tools will help eliminate the surface. If the foundation moves out to the usable area in the front, back or on the side of the home or other building, it might be necessary to rely on saw-cutting.

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Step 3: Excavation

The excavation process involves excavating several inches of the existing surface. In most cases, between 2.5 inches and 4.5 inches will be excavated.

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Step 4: Grading and Drainage

If it is necessary to install a drain, this is the time to do it. Our artificial grass installation team will add the drain in a manner that accounts for the optimal flow of water away from your Los Angeles home.

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Step 5: Adding an Optional Border

The structural integrity of the perimeter area and also its aesthetics will be improved with the installation of a bender board or paver mow strip. This strip is added around the outside area of the project in instances when there is contact against the surface.

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Step 6: Compacting the Sub-base

A plate compactor is used for sub-base compaction. Such compaction is important as the last thing you want is one or several air gaps within the system. The failure to compact the sub-base will lead to such air gaps or the formation of depressions and/or undulations down the line.

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Step 7: Preparing the Base and Compaction

A plate compactor is used for sub-base compaction. Such compaction is important as the last thing you want is one or several air gaps within the system. The failure to compact the sub-base will lead to such air gaps or the formation of depressions and/or undulations down the line.

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Step 8: The Installation of Weed Barrier Fabric

Once the base is prepared for artificial turf installation, it is time to add the weed barrier fabric. This fabric lowers the likelihood of weeds moving to the surface after installation is complete. However, we cannot guarantee that weeds will not appear. It is simply not possible to destroy all weed root systems. In other words, minimal maintenance will be required yet this maintenance will come nowhere near that required by real grass.

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Step 9: Preparing the Artificial Turf

The turf will be rolled out in a manner that allows it to absorb sunlight while being prepared for installation. If bunching or wrinkles are present, they will be eliminated. This step is essential to prevent air pockets from appearing in the future. This preparation process minimizes the number of seams and puts the faux grass in the optimal position for reliability across posterity. If excess turf is present, it will be removed.

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Step 10: Seaming/Trimming

Once the artificial grass is laid out just right, it is time to seam the pieces to one another. Each roll of faux grass should be positioned in the same direction, meaning all the blades point the same way. The seaming technique used for your project might not be the same as that used for another and so on. Seaming tape will be used with adhesives to connect the artificial turf, setting the stage for the final trimming.

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Step 11: Preparing the Border

The perimeter should be nailed down to adequately secure the artificial turf border and also for installing synthetic turf. Artificial turf nails will be used along the perimeter of the rolls of grass to keep everything in place.

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Step 12: Infill Preparation and Installation

Infill must move into the grass to the turf’s base for proper functionality. The turf must be swept properly in order for the infill installation to work right. A seed drop spreader is used to add the infill. Infill weighs down the artificial grass, creating a soft feel to the touch, reduce heat and minimize degradation. Around 4/8” to 6/8” of the grass blades is left exposed. Once the infill is added, it is time to hose down the lawn, ultimately completing the installation of the infill, ensuring it is ready for you and your family or customers to use.

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